What is the electronic CE certification directive?

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  The different directives for CE certification specify which modules should comprise the evaluation program.For example,low voltage instruction(LVD)and electromagnetic compatibility instruction(EMC)can be composed of A;Gas tool instruction(GAD)consists of B-C,B-D,B-E,or B-F.
  The following can be explained in detail:
  I.Factory Self-Control and Certification Module A(Internal Production Control)
  1.For simple,high-volume,non-hazardous products,only applicable to manufacturers using European standards.
  2.The factory shall conduct self-qualification review and self-declaration.
  3.Technical documents are submitted to national institutions for preservation for ten years.On this basis,review and inspection can be used to determine whether a product complies with the directive.
  4.There is no need to declare that the production process can always ensure that the product meets the requirements.The Module Ab
  1.The manufacturer did not produce according to The European standard.
  2.The testing mechanism shall randomly test the special parts of the product.
  Ii.Module B(EC Type Review)conducted by test Institutions
  The factory sends samples and technical documents to the testing institution of its choice for review,and the testing institution issues the certificate.
  Note:Only B is not sufficient to constitute the use of CE.Module C(consistent with the type[sample])+B
  The factory shall make a declaration of conformity(consistent with the approved type)and keep the declaration for ten years.Module D(Production process quality control)+B:
  This model focuses on the production process and product control.The factory carries out production according to the method approved by the test organization(quality system,EN29003).On this basis,the factory declares that its products are consistent with the certified type(conformance statement).Module E(Product quality Control)+B
  This mode focuses only on product control(EN29003),the rest is the same as Module D.Module F(Product testing)+B
  Conformance statements are made after the factory ensures that the production process ensures that the product meets the requirements.Approved testing institutions verify the conformity of their products through full inspection or sampling inspection.Certificate issued by the testing authority.ModuleG(test one by one)
  The factory declares that it meets the requirements of the directive,and submits the technical parameters of the product to the testing institution.The testing institution checks the product one by one and issues the certificate.This model focuses on design,production process,and product control(EN29001).The rest is Module D+Module E.Among them,mode F+B and mode G are applicable to products with a particularly high risk.
  The scope of CE certification
  There are 27 member States as at January 2007.They are:
  France,Germany,Italy,the Netherlands,Belgium,Luxembourg,Britain,Denmark,Ireland,Greece,Portugal,Spain,Austria,Sweden,Finland,Malta,Cyprus,Poland,Hungary,the Czech republic,Slovakia,Slovenia,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Romania,Bulgaria.
  The cost of CE nonconformity
  -Products cannot be supplied to the EU market in accordance with the law;
  -Products previously put on the market cannot be recalled;
  -May result in seizure and/or fine of the product.


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