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CE Certification Costs

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  The costs of CE-marking depend on the product that must be certified. Costs are related to the products concerned and the complexity of the product.

  Our experts assess what European legislation applies to your product, the process that must be carried out to obtain a certificate, and the costs of the certification.

  Following an initial assessment, your company will receive a custom quotation for the certification of your product. Even when the product is already certified outside of Europe, supplemental marking can be required for the European market.

  Because we have both technical specialists and legal experts in house, we can arrange the full certification for your company. We are transparent with regard to the costs and we ensure that you actually obtain certification.

  Based on the product information, the specialists of our company can quickly provide you with a quotation and a time frame for the certification. For efficient handling of your request, we require the following information:

  Photos or drawings of the product to be certified;

  A description of the product’s intended use;

  General technical specifications of the product;

  Test reports, certificates, and other related documents, if available.

  Even when your product is already certified and you only wish to have the certification checked, you can contact us. We offer full product certification, but a standalone technical inspection or separate legal assistance is no problem either.

  For more information you can contact as by phone or e-mail.

  The following is a sample of CE certification issued by our lab:


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