About EBO

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About EBO

EBO Certification CentreEBO is a independent, not-for-profit, testing, inspection and certification agency in Shenzhen. The EBO Group today offers testing, inspection and certification services concerning products, machinery, installations and systems worldwide. EBO service means that we undertake, on behalf on of the client, the whole process of obtaining certificates/approvals for various countries worldwide. EBO has itself established as leading player for international certification and global market access.

About EBO


EBO has swiftly developed service locations covering five major cities to provide professional and competent certification services. With our customer’s products being placed on the markets all over the world, our services have been continuously extended from electrical safety to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) services, from ergonomic to chemical services (RoHS) and from energy savings to environmental conscious design services and last but not least product performance and supply chain services. In China, EBO is able to provide services conform to international and regional requirements for an extensive variety of products, including household appliances luminaries, information appliances, office equipment, power tools, and Audio/Video equipment and other electrical and electronic products. The Centre's experienced professionals can advise manufacturers and trading organizations on how to improve their products and achieve international quality, environmental.

About EBO



Chemical, Drug, Environmental and Food Testing

Toy and Children’s Products Testing

Electrical, Electronics and EMC Testing

Textiles, Footwear and Materials Testing

Product and Factory Inspection

Technical Services

Equipment Calibration

Fire Safety Testing

National and International Standards and Safety Certification

Products Evaluation and Design

Certification Marks for China, U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Asia


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(Shenzhen Baoan) Tel: 86-0755-2945 1282 | Fax: 86-0755-2263 9141 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

(Hubei Wuhan) Tel: 86-027-8760 9413 | Fax: 86-027-8818 0138 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

(Dongguan) Tel: 86-0769-8705 1006 | Fax: 86-0769-8730 9330 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

(Shanghai) Tel: 86-021-5109 8960 | Fax: 86-021-5109 8960 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

Baoan Address: A112-114, Qinye Business Center, Xin'an Sixth Road, 82th District, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China.(518102)

Wuhan Address: 7-1,11 F, Lianfeng Building, Lumo Road, Wuhan, China.(430000)

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