About EBO
testing engineer
We have a team of engineers with experienced testing technology. Decades of experience in the field of detection technology.We can provide reliable and accurate test results for customers.
testing instruments
Our laboratory is equipped with perfect precision testing instruments, we regularly maintain and maintain the testing equipment, we can provide accurate detection data
Professional technical services
Our technical service team has received professional training and assessment, we have a high level of service quality in the testing and certification industry, we have been satisfied with the evaluation of many customers.
international certification body recognition
We have many international certification body recognition, we are the TUV,EMCC,UL,FCC,timco,Canada IC,Eco,ECM,Norway Nemko international authoritative institutions authorized cooperation laboratory.
Licensing qualification
  • Italia ECM Authorization
  • Italia ECO Authorization
  • greece MIRTEC Authorization
  • norway NEMKO Authorization
  • Germany Eurofins Authorization
  • czech VOP-026 Authorization
  • CNAS certificate
  • CNAS certificate
  • Germany TUV Authorization
Test Lab
RoHS Test lab
RoHS Test lab
Energy-efficient laboratory
Energy-efficient lab
Reliability lab
Reliability lab
EMC lab
EMC lab
Safety Test lab
Safety Test lab

(Shenzhen Baoan) Tel: 86-0755-2945 1282 | Fax: 86-0755-2263 9141 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

(Hubei Wuhan) Tel: 86-027-8760 9413 | Fax: 86-027-8818 0138 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

(Dongguan) Tel: 86-0769-8705 1006 | Fax: 86-0769-8730 9330 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

(Shanghai) Tel: 86-021-5109 8960 | Fax: 86-021-5109 8960 | Email: ebo@ebotek.cn

Baoan Address: A112-114, Qinye Business Center, Xin'an Sixth Road, 82th District, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China.(518102)

Wuhan Address: 7-1,11 F, Lianfeng Building, Lumo Road, Wuhan, China.(430000)

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